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Web of Lies: Chapter Eight

Harry had two, fairly well kept secrets in his life. But Harry messed up big with the two secrets, allowed the two secrets to become too intertwined. And now that someone knew the first secret, his web of lies was beginning to unravel around him.



Web of Lies: Chapter Eight

This story does contain scenes of self-harming, which may be a controversial subject for some. If you or a loved one suffers from this please seek help. 


“I’m home,” Harry called out, as soon as he opened the door to his flat, “If you two are fucking please just carry on.”


No one replied and Harry shrugged, tossing his coat aside and throwing his new journal onto the living room couch, looking around for a sign of Louis and Eleanor. He walked into the kitchen and stopped in the doorway, Louis was sitting alone at the kitchen, his head resting in his arms as he stared at a glass of water.


Harry reached out and knocked gently on the doorframe, pulling Louis’ attention to himself. Louis glanced at him and sighed, motioning for an empty seat at the table and Harry took one, puzzled.


“You alright?” Louis whispered, staring back at the glass of water and Harry shrugged.


“Better than you are at the moment,” he replied, reaching for the glass and taking a sip of it, just to draw Louis’ attention away, “What’s wrong.”


Louis groaned, resting his head in his hands and shaking his head slowly, “Is it cliché to say everything?”


Harry nodded, “Just a bit.”


The older boy smirked, lifting his head up and propping his chin up in his hands, staring at Harry who stared back unnervingly.


“How was therapy?” Louis asked and Harry rolled his eyes, setting the water cup aside. “Oh, what?”


“You going to be a prick about it?” Harry asked and Louis shrugged, tracing a circle on the table with his finger and dropping is gaze from Harry.


“I broke up with Eleanor,” Louis said and Harry’s eyes widened, staring at his mate.


“You what?” Harry sputtered, “Are you serious?”


Louis laughed bitterly and nodded, throwing his head back and staring at the ceiling, “Yeah, pretty fucking serious.”


Harry shook his head in disbelief, “Just out of no where.”


Louis shrugged and shook his head, “It’s been a long time coming,” he muttered and Harry laughed.


“Are you kidding? You were telling me you were in love no more than a week ago,” he said, and Louis looked up, locking eyes with him.


“Well a lot can change in a week, can’t it,” he muttered and Harry winced. Louis’ face softened, groaning and running a hand through his hair, “I’m sorry. I’m really not trying to be a-you know-“


“Dick?” Harry muttered and Louis sighed, but nodded.


“I just don’t know how to deal with,” Louis paused, struggling to find the words, “This.”


Harry snorted, “Join the fucking club Louis,” he muttered darkly. Harry then sighed, leaning back in his chair and staring at Louis. “So what happened with her then?”

“It wasn’t working,” Louis replied simply, “We both knew it wasn’t.”


“You sure she knew?” He asked and Louis shrugged, picking at his fingernail.


“She should’ve,” he muttered, “Because it just wasn’t.”


“Did she cry?”


“Yeah,” Louis whispered, “A bit more than I thought was necessary.”


Harry rolled his eyes, “Than what was necessary? So you’re just always a prick now-it’s not just me. That’s good to know.”


Louis glared, “I’m not a prick Harry, it’s just a lot of shit has been going down this week, I’m just try to deal with it all.”


“A lot of shit that you brought upon yourself!” Harry argued, leaning forward and Louis crossed his arms, glaring at Harry.


“Eleanor, maybe I did bring that upon myself, but that one is for the best. I can’t seem to think of how I brought dealing with your new fucking habit upon myself,” Louis muttered and Harry’s eyes dropped quickly to the table, heart pounding in his chest. “That one is not my fault.”


Harry winced, staring down at his sleeve and running a finger around the small scars. Louis pushed back from the table, standing up.


“I’m going to go call my Mum, let her know about Eleanor,” Louis muttered, walking silently out of the room, but he stopped suddenly by Harry, resting a hand on his shoulder, “I am trying, to figure out how to deal with it. Alright?”


Harry nodded; eyes trained on the table, listening to Louis walk away and lock himself in his room. He’d been the prick in that situation-well Louis had too-but Harry should’ve been the bigger man, should’ve listened to the Eleanor problem.


Shouldn’t have felt the immense feelings of relief that came from the breakup. And shouldn’t have been rejoicing in the relief of not having the familiar itch for a lighter. But he was.


All because Louis had dumped Eleanor.


He glanced into the living room, where his journal was resting on the couch, waiting to be filled with all the thoughts that were swimming around in his mind.


Instead he picked up his phone, dialing for Niall. A drink sounded a bit better.




“Don’t you think it’s a bit early?” Niall asked, as the two sat in a deserted corner in a pub they’d becomed accustomed to going to when they wanted a drink without getting noticed.

“Niall, after the week I’ve had, nothing is too early,” Harry muttered, handing Niall his beer and clanking the two together, “To the band! May we all make it through this year without killing each other.”


Niall nodded, taking a swig of his drink and setting it aside, turning the his sandwich and starting in on it. Harry watched him, taking another long gulp of his drink.


“So what’d Louis do?” Niall asked through a mouthful of food and Harry rolled his eyes.


“What makes you think Louis did anything?”


Niall laughed, swallowing down his food and shaking his head, “Because if Louis hadn’t done something you would’ve called him up instead of me.”


Harry shrugged, “That’s not true Niall. We’re mates.”


Niall nodded slowly, reaching for his beer, “Of course we are. It’s just not in the way you and Louis are. You always go to Louis, and if not Louis, Liam.”


Harry snorted, “Liam wouldn’t get drunk with me at one in the afternoon. He’d want to talk about my problems, that’s why I called you.”


Niall set his sandwich aside, “Maybe I want to talk about your problems.”


The curly head boy shook his head, “Not likely. Come on Niall, I called you out to have fun! I already did the sad boring part of my day in therapy, and then had that extended at the flat because Louis’ moping about. Can’t we just have fun!”


Niall stared at Harry for a second before shrugging, “How was therapy?”




“What?” he asked, staring back at Harry unervingly, “I can wonder! We’re all a bit worried mate.”


Harry rolled his eyes, “It was fine. Boring. Helpful. Whatever you want to hear it was, it was, alright? Can we move on?”


Niall shrugged, taking another bite of his sandwich, “Why is Louis moping?” he asked, his mouth full and Harry groaned, finishing off his drink and motioning for another one.


“He broke up with Eleanor,” he replied, taking a long sip of his new drink and sighing, “That prick. No reason either.”


Niall just stared, mouth open and eyes wide.


“What?” Harry asked, continuing on his drink and Niall shook his head.

“Nothing, it’s just. Weird timing, don’t you think?” he asked and Harry snorted, shaking his head and finishing off his second drink.


“Course not. It’s Louis-weird timing is normal timing for him,” He muttered, lying through his teeth.


Because yes, a part of Harry had noticed the weird timing, almost hoping there was a correlation between the two events. But he couldn’t afford to think that way, not when he was under this much scrutiny.


He was taking his last secret to the grave with him, he’d die protecting it.


And he wasn’t going to let any amount of hope-or Niall prodding-get it out of him.


This he was sure of.


He motioned for another drink, ignoring Niall’s comment. If Niall wasn’t going to get drunk with him, he could at least watch Harry.


Besides, Harry had Louis still at the flat, and he wasn’t dealing with that again sober. No way in hell. 


I’m not one with spoilers, but it may be worth noting that this was indeed a filler chapter. And something quite big is just around the corner. XX Morgan


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